Avatar ****

28 Jun
Of all the remakes of Dances with Wolves, this one was by far the best.  If you haven’t seen Dances with Wolves, then don’t.  It will ruin Avatar for you.  If you want to confuse yourself about who-ripped off-who, see...
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I’m from Palua . . . Ummm, no.

26 Jun
the annoying islands of palua

a beautiful view of the annoying islands of palua

I have no doubt that Palua is a beautiful place.  I even bet that all 21,000 inhabitants are really great people.  Not some of them, all of them.  But, the thing is if you are one of the millions living in Pennsylvania, Palua is just flat out annoying.

And if you aren’t from Pennsylvania, then just try to be from Pennsylvania in your next web form.  You’ll get it.  What state?  P . . . damn it, Palua — AGAIN!

End of the world?  No.

Annoying?  Yes.