It’s Karma Lebron

16 Jan

K is for Karma.

Lebron “Modell” James recently pulled the “stupid athlete” twitter act of claiming God’s involvement in pro sports.

Modell claimed that “karma” and God caused the Cleveland Cavaliers to get blown out.

A few days after invoking God, Modell injured his ankle.

It’s all about the karma Lebron.  All about the karma.

Randy Moss Dishes Jeff Fisher?

26 Dec

A guy named “Woody” who sounds just like Randy Moss called into a radio station to dish Jeff Fisher.  Moss denies that it was him.  Moss also claims, despite the fact that he has been benched for weeks, that he wants to return to the Titans next year.  You decide if any of Moss’ statements are true.


Sir Charles Says: Email Photos of Huge Junk

18 Dec

Charles Barkley was just quoted on a radio talk show of saying the following about Brett Favre emailing a picture of his “junk”:

“My biggest problem with this whole Brett Favre thing is if you’re going to send a woman a picture of your junk, it should be huge. You can’t send small junk to a woman and expect anything.”

“Seriously, you have to be like Ron Jeremy or some of the other porn stars,” Barkley observed. “If you’re going to send a picture of your junk to a woman it should be humongous. It can’t be small … that’s one of the ten commandments.”

So, take note.  If you plan on emailing photos of your “junk”, Sir Charles says God says it better be huge.

I’m from Palua . . . Ummm, no.

26 Jun
the annoying islands of palua

a beautiful view of the annoying islands of palua

I have no doubt that Palua is a beautiful place.  I even bet that all 21,000 inhabitants are really great people.  Not some of them, all of them.  But, the thing is if you are one of the millions living in Pennsylvania, Palua is just flat out annoying.

And if you aren’t from Pennsylvania, then just try to be from Pennsylvania in your next web form.  You’ll get it.  What state?  P . . . damn it, Palua — AGAIN!

End of the world?  No.

Annoying?  Yes.